The Sonnenberg Media Story

This is our story, but let’s be real: it’s all about you.

Why We Got Inspired

Picture this: you’ve spent decades seeking out food that’s fun to eat and that makes you feel great, too. It’s a combination that isn’t always easy, given your on-the-go lifestyle and your food intolerances. Okay, let’s be honest: you find that not many options are designed with you in mind.

Fast forward a few years. The food landscape begins to change drastically, and consumers start demanding better options. Natural and healthy food companies introduce groundbreaking vegan, organic, gluten-free, and even sustainable products. Suddenly, you can find delicious, good-for-you food everywhere.

How We Got Our Start

That’s when we — Anna and Loren Sonnenberg — found the inspiration to launch Sonnenberg Media. Our first project? Embarking on a quest to find and share the newest, tastiest gluten-free and natural food products around the globe. After all, we wanted to make sure the rest of the world was just as excited about this new direction for the food industry.

So we flexed our marketing muscles, honed our writing chops, and dug into data. We also took the time to rack up quite a few credentials. Anna is a Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional and has credentials for Email MarketingContent Marketing, and Social Media from HubSpot, an inbound marketing industry leader. She’s also been featured on outlets like the Real Food Brands podcast, where she shared her expertise on email marketing for natural food brands.

Where We Are Now

Naturally, digital marketing demands a balance of art and science — and we strive to be invaluable growth partners for the companies we love. Since 2014, we’ve partnered with natural food brands that specialize in everything from ready-to-bake pies to grain-free pasta to gluten-free puff pastry.

Whether we’re boosting your brand with Facebook Ads, crafting email campaigns that you can’t wait to open, writing creative content that you love to read, or planning social strategies that engage your audience, all of our client projects follow a similar recipe.

We start with a generous helping of research. Then we season with a healthy dose of strong writing. Finally, we garnish each project with analytics, which really bring out the flavor of each marketing campaign.

Ready to spice up your natural food brand’s digital marketing strategy?

Anna Sonnenberg