Anna Sonnenberg | B2B & SaaS Portfolio

Anna Sonnenberg writes long-form B2B content for SaaS companies and marketing organizations. She specializes in martech platforms, sales automation tools, and digital agencies.

Since 2019, Anna has written for the Agorapulse blog on topics like social media marketing, digital agency development, and paid social.

Featured article for Agorapulse: How to Set Up a Time-Saving Social Media Workflow

Anna’s contributions to the Customers AI blog focus on sales automation and cold email outreach—including automation builder demos.

As a frequent contributor to the Social Media Examiner blog, Anna covers social media strategy and best practices for all major social media networks.

Featured article for Social Media Examiner: How to Improve Facebook Reach With Unconnected Distribution

Anna writes for the divbyzero blog on topics like content marketing, search engine optimization, and lead nurturing for SaaS companies.

Featured article for divbyzero: SaaS Content Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Growth

Anna’s work for the Social Agency Scout blog centers on social media strategy, social media analytics, and digital agency growth.

Featured article for Social Agency Scout: How to Build a 7-Figure Social Media Agency

Anna’s contributions to the Digital Agency Network (DAN) blog focus on tips and strategies for scaling digital and social media agencies.

Featured article for the Digital Agency Network: Scaling Your Agencies for Growth

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