Anna Sonnenberg | B2B SaaS Portfolio

Anna Sonnenberg | B2B SaaS Portfolio

Anna Sonnenberg writes long-form content for B2B SaaS companies & marketing agencies. She has 500+ bylines from 9+ years of freelance writing — specializing in content for marketing technology, sales automation, and productivity SaaS.

Since 2019, Anna has written for the Agorapulse blog on topics like social media marketing, digital agency development, and paid social.

As a regular contributor to the Komodo blog, Anna writes product-led content and comparison articles that position the screen recorder in a crowded category.

For the Hunter blog, Anna writes alternatives articles that position the email outreach tool in a competitive category and attract in-market traffic.

Featured article for Hunter6 Best GMass Alternatives for Cold Email Outreach

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For CXL, Anna writes actionable guides to digital marketing channels like paid media and email marketing—with insights from subject matter experts.

For the divbyzero blog, Anna sources insights from subject matter experts and writes on topics like content marketing and data enrichment for SaaS.

Featured article for divbyzero: Data-Driven Content Marketing Secrets for SaaS

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For Relato, Anna writes about B2B content marketing operations and content strategy—exploring industry trends and best practices.

Anna’s work for Tweet Binder (by Audiense) centers on social media analytics, competitive intelligence, and social media strategy for Twitter / X. logo

Anna’s work for the blog focuses on product-led content highlighting the adtech platform’s ad library, AI briefs, and swipe files.

Anna’s contributions to the blog focus on sales automation topics like cold email outreach, website visitor identification, and email deliverability.

As a longtime contributor to the Social Media Examiner blog, Anna covers social media strategy and best practices for all major social media networks.

Featured article for Social Media Examiner: How to Improve Facebook Reach With Unconnected Distribution

Anna writes for the HawkSEM blog on topics like search engine optimization,  paid search, paid social, and conversion rate optimization.

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Anna’s contributions to B2B SaaS Reviews focus on evaluating popular software review sites like TrustRadius, Capterra, and Gartner Peer Insights.

Featured article for B2B SaaS Reviews: Best Software Review Sites: TrustRadius Overview

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