Does Your Small Business Really Need an Email Newsletter?

email newsletter

email newsletter

Whether you’re just starting to build an email list or you’re reviewing your email marketing strategy, you’ve undoubtedly wondered if your small business truly needs an email newsletter. While the optimal frequency and length may differ from company to company, the answer is a resounding yes. Find out how an email newsletter can boost your brand.

Build Relationships

Think about the people you like most. You want to hear from them regularly, right? Otherwise, you might start to think they forgot about you — or that they have something better to do.

It’s no different for brands. The easiest way to create meaningful relationships with your customers is to communicate with them regularly. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to bombard them with information they don’t need. Keep your email newsletters relevant and delightful to read, and you’ll find it easy to build relationships and trust with your customer base.

Inform Customers

It doesn’t matter if your product is super simple or as complex as it gets. From helpful how-tos to mouth-watering recipes, there are endless ways you can educate customers about your offerings.

Your brand’s email newsletter is the ideal outlet for keeping subscribers updated about your latest news and newest tips. Don’t worry about featuring full-length content though. Keep the newsletter short and sweet to accommodate short attention spans. Then drive traffic to your website for the full content.

Drive Sales

Your newsletter shouldn’t read like a long sales pitch. That’s not why your subscribers signed up for your email list. But that doesn’t mean your newsletter can’t drive sales, too.

Every email newsletter should include at least one link to your company’s ecommerce site or to a product page. Relevant links that fit naturally into the newsletter content will invite subscribers to click through — and potentially learn more or make a purchase. If you send email newsletters consistently, your brand will be top of mind when subscribers want to buy.

Generate Excitement

Planning something big, like a new product, an expanded line, or a redesign? Your small business’s email newsletter is the perfect place to share the news. But don’t wait until the last minute to make an announcement.

The beauty of newsletters is that you send them regularly. That means you can start dropping hints weeks or months in advance. Over time, you’ll generate excitement — and you might even have buy-in before you’re ready to launch.

Guide Potential Buyers

Not every subscriber is ready to buy from your small business. Some are still shopping around, and others are waiting for the right season. One of the biggest perks of an email newsletter is that it can guide potential buyers through the stages until they’re ready to make a purchase.

Some subscribers may need more info on how to enjoy your products. Others may want to know why your brand is the best in its niche. By sharing informative content, you can touch on these areas in every newsletter, leading subscribers down the path to purchase.

Target Segments

No matter the size of your email list, you can certainly send the same newsletter to every subscriber. But you can also customize your newsletter to make sure you’re sending the right information to the right people.

Virtually every email service provider (ESP) offers segmentation, which allows you to split your email list into groups. Want to target customers in a specific geographical area? With segments, you can easily include the most relevant information in each newsletter.

Get Personal

While you won’t want to create a unique newsletter for each subscriber, your ESP can add personal touches automatically. Adding subscribers’ first names to newsletters can be a smart way to connect.

But you don’t have to stop there. You may also be able to draw on interests and behaviors to add further customizations that get attention and drive results.

Have Conversations

Who says email newsletters have to be one-way avenues of communication? Rather than using your newsletter solely to broadcast to your list, try using it to start a conversation.

Don’t just announce a new product you’re developing. Ask for feedback or early adopters. Don’t just tell subscribers about a promotion. Ask them how they’ll use your products — and then follow up with a request for user generated content (UGC) or a review.

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