Facebook Ads Budget: Why Every Small Business Needs One

Facebook Ads budget
Facebook Ads budget

Social media marketing can be a game changer for small businesses. Since 70% of American adults use Facebook* this platform gives you access to a huge portion of your target audience. When you create a Facebook business page, you can build brand awareness, sell to your customers, and grow a loyal community.

You can do all of the above with organic, or unpaid Facebook posts. But when you have a Facebook Ads strategy, you can hit your marketing goals faster and reach more of your target audience. Curious how social ads can boost your business? Find out why every small business needs a Facebook Ads budget.

Improve Brand Awareness

Finally launching your brand? Expanding to a new region? Simply want to reach more of your customer base? Expanding your reach with organic means can take ages. Yet Facebook Ads can help you connect with more potential customers quickly and efficiently.

You can design advertising audiences by demographics, location, interests, or behaviors. You can also reach out to Facebook users that are similar to your current customers. That means you can get your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

Grow Your Online Community

10,000 followers. 100,000 followers. 1 million followers. The size of your Facebook Page is just a number, and it doesn’t mean much on its own. But when you need to reach a certain number of followers to attract investors or demonstrate demand to buyers, the size of your Facebook Page takes on a whole new meaning.

If organic growth isn’t moving quickly enough, Facebook Ads can help you hit your numbers while attracting your target audience. To keep followers engaged, have an organic social media strategy in place and publish relevant content regularly.

Increase Website Traffic

Facebook Ads are ideal for attracting new followers to your Page. But they’re just as good at directing customers to your website.

With a web traffic campaign, you can send Facebook users to any page on your website. Then you can:

  • Encourage visitors to learn about your brand or products
  • Invite visitors to sign up for your email newsletter
  • Urge visitors to download an asset, like a case study or white paper

Generate New Leads

If generating more leads is critical to your business, Facebook Ads offers a smart solution. With a lead gen campaign, you can offer your target customer something of value in exchange for their contact information. From free services and discount codes to checklists and case studies, you can provide the assets that your audience wants.

Then you can load the lead data into your CRM and start the outreach process. From there, you can work your marketing magic to turn leads into customers or loyal clients.

Promote Sales and Seasonal Specials

When you’re ready to rack up sales, you can promote products with Facebook Ads. If you’ve added your inventory to Facebook’s Catalog Manager, you can create conversion-focused ads designed to drive sales. If not, you can send customers to your ecommerce site to complete the sale.

Facebook Ads offer powerful remarketing options. That means you can reach out to interested customers multiple times and encourage them to buy.

The Facebook Ads dashboard also tracks purchase amounts. That means you can easily calculate your ROI and make sure you’re getting enough value from your campaign.

Attract More Customers to Your Event

Whether you’re hosting online or in-person events, Facebook Ads can help you increase attendance. With an event responses campaign, you can find the right people and encourage them to show up.

When you run an event campaign on Facebook, you can do more than gauge interest. You can also drive customers to an event landing page on your website. There, you can encourage them to purchase tickets or sign up to attend your event.

Drive Customers to Offline Locations

If you do business from a brick-and-mortar store, Facebook Ads can still help. With a store visits campaign, you can connect with customers who live or work near your physical locations. Then you can drive foot traffic and increase in-store sales.

Facebook uses location data to track store visits automatically. If you integrate your point of sale system or your CRM, you can also track in-store sales, giving you a complete picture of your results.

Interested in getting started with Facebook Ads but don’t know where to begin? Contact Sonnenberg Media to find out how we can help with ad campaigns and Facebook strategy.

* https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/05/16/facts-about-americans-and-facebook/