Social Media Marketing: How a Strong Strategy Can Boost Your Brand

social media marketing

social media marketing

If you avoid Facebook like the plague, think Instagram is for teenagers, or can’t quite understand the value of Pinterest, you might doubt that your brand truly needs a social media marketing strategy. But no matter how you feel about social media, both your audience and your competitors are getting social — which means you’re missing out on a key opportunity.

So what’s in it for your small business? Find out how a strong social media marketing strategy can boost your brand — even if the terms “Facebook Live,” “Instagram Stories,” and “Promoted Pin” mean nothing to you.

Grow Your Audience

You don’t have to be a social media maven to know that in order to find success, your brand needs the right audience. Sure, you might connect with loyal customers via eye-catching print ads or great shelf placement. But what if only a fraction of your audience shops at that store or reads that magazine?

In the world of social media, numbers are on your side. Nearly four out of five internet users in the U.S. use Facebook. Since Facebook’s user base includes millennials, baby boomers, and every generation in between, you can easily find your audience here. As popular as Facebook is, however, it isn’t the only social platform where you can grow your audience. With a strong social strategy, you can identify and choose the most effective social media sites for your brand.

For example, Instagram is the fastest growing social media site in 2018. With its photo-first approach, it could be ideal for brands with a strong visual presence, such as specialty food and health and wellness brands. Pinterest may not be rocketing to the top as quickly as Instagram, but it might still be a smart place to grow your audience. After all, it’s perfect for recipes and how-to guides, which work well for natural food brands.

Become a Brand That Sticks

Reaching new customers doesn’t have to be hard. You can do it with an in-store demo, an online coupon, or a well-placed advertisement. There’s only one problem with these strategies. Connecting with new folks once doesn’t usually result in a sale or produce a lifelong fan. Instead, most people need seven or more points of connection with your brand before converting into customers.

With a smart social media marketing strategy, connecting with your audience seven times or more is a breeze. By crafting messages that hit home, telling your story with great images, and sharing content that matters to your audience, you can become a brand that sticks in your customers’ minds. That means the next time they’re shopping for a delicious cold brew coffee or a nutritious grain-free pasta, your brand will be top of mind.

Connect With Influencers

To grow your brand effectively, you’ll want to build an audience of more than just customers. Instead, you’ll also want to connect with relevant influencers. As trendsetters in various niches, influencers can vouch for your products, introduce new customers to your brand, and boost brand awareness in a big way. Influencers also tend to be natural, personable, and authoritative. That makes their recommendations sound like they’re coming from a friend — which automatically makes them more trustworthy.

With an effective social strategy in place, you won’t have to take chances or wait for influencers to hear about you. Instead, you can identify key online figures and prioritize connecting with influencers who can make an impact — whether you have a gluten-free, vegan, or sustainable brand.

Listen and Learn

It doesn’t matter which social media site you choose for your brand. Social media gives you a platform to do much more than broadcast your brand’s message or sell your products. Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms are the perfect places to listen to what your customers have to say.

A well-rounded social strategy includes asking plenty of questions — and reading the replies. A strong approach to social media also involves reading the comments — and engaging with your audience. After all, your customers are your community, and their insights are key to your brand’s growth and success.

Convinced that your brand needs social media marketing but have no idea how to get started? From strategy and management to social monitoring, you can leave every step to us. Schedule a call with us to find out what we can do for your brand’s social strategy.


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