7 Types of Automated Emails to Set Up Now

automated emails
automated emails

As a small business owner, you know that email marketing is the key to landing in your customers’ inboxes. So you’ve dabbled in email. You’ve outlined a strategy and started to build a list. You’ve even sent a few newsletters. But have you unlocked the potential that automated emails hold?

Unlike email newsletters, which you’ll need to write, design, and send each time you have news to share, automated emails only need a one-time setup. Whether a new fan subscribes to your list or a customer considers a purchase, email automation connects with your customers at the right moment. Take a look at seven types of automated emails your business should send to boost sales, encourage loyalty, and reach other key goals.

Welcome Email

When you express interest in a new-to-you brand, you don’t want to get the cold shoulder. But if you don’t welcome new subscribers to your online community, they’re likely to feel ignored — especially if they trusted you enough to provide their personal contact information.

Instead, send new subscribers a welcome email and make a killer first impression. Use this automated email to introduce your brand, educate subscribers about your products, and provide links so subscribers can learn more.

Subscribers tend to open welcome emails at very high rates — and some of our automated welcome email campaigns have generated open rates of over 70%. To make sure your subscribers get the message, consider including a limited time promo code geared toward new customers.

Purchase Email

Sending a welcome email is a great way to kick things off with new subscribers. If you’ve enabled ecommerce on your website, however, you’ll want to turn that welcome message into a sincere thank you note.

Sure, your ecommerce platform automatically sends customers an invoice after completing a purchase. But that’s all business. Why not show off your brand’s personality and express your thanks at the same time with an automated new customer email? These messages are ideal for engaging with first-time customers, as they can help turn shoppers into fans — and repeat buyers.

Product Follow-Up Email

Since automated purchase emails typically send within an hour or two of the completed sale, few drive customers to buy more. By sending a product follow-up email, however, you’ll have the chance to drive repeat sales and cultivate loyal customers.

Consider sending this type of automated email a week or a month after the initial purchase — or as long as it takes for customers to try your products. Plan your call to action (CTA) carefully. From asking for a review to suggesting a refill, this follow-up email can easily drive action.

Abandoned Cart Email

What if shoppers don’t quite turn into customers and leave their shopping carts full on your ecommerce site without completing the purchase? With automated emails, you get another chance to make the sale — without having to check in with each potential customer individually.

Abandoned cart emails are great for reminding busy shoppers about the purchase they were considering before they’ve moved on and bought from another source. The best abandoned shopping cart emails automatically include images of products each person added, along with direct links to complete the purchase. Average conversion rates for these automated emails range from 10% to 25%, which can give your sales numbers a welcome boost.

Product Retargeting Email

Many email service providers (ESPs) let you take connecting with shoppers even further. Product retargeting emails automatically send to potential customers who clicked through a link in your email newsletter or promo — but didn’t complete a purchase.

Like abandoned cart email automations, this type of retargeting message is ideal for getting busy shoppers’ attention. Since they’re triggered by customers expressing an interest in your products, they’re designed to be highly relevant to subscribers considering a purchase.

Customer Reengagement Email

Building a big contact list can be a good sign that your target market is crazy for what you’re selling. But what if your email list is over five figures — and only a few hundred subscribers open your messages?

A customer reengagement email can quickly weed out subscribers who no longer have an interest in your business while reminding interested customers about your brand. Sending these messages individually would be incredibly time-consuming. Setting up an automated email sequence makes reengagement easy and effective.

Loyal Customer Reward Email

Your company’s biggest fans play an important role in your brand’s success. Why not thank them with a special discount that only they can use?

Loyal customer emails automatically target shoppers with the most purchases and offer tailored rewards. These automated emails are perfect for generating sales while making your biggest fans feel like they’re part of your exclusive community at the same time.

Eager to drive sales and increase engagement with your email list? Let’s talk email marketing! We’ll help you set up automatic emails so you can make seamless connections with your customers when it matters most. Get on our calendar to get started with email automation.

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